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Shikamoo parachichi own acreage in Njombe Region and intimately understand the concerns of the Njombe Avocados Growers. Given our deep roots in this industry, Shikamoo parachichi company limited has a personal stake in every piece of advice we give to growers. If it is high quality avocados you are looking for, Shikamoo parachichi Avocado is here to deliver them. At present,Shikamoo parachichi Avocado has a significant presence in the Africa Avocado marketplace, in both conventional and organic sales. We are able to provide fresh and delicious avocados year round through our procurement team. This program allows us to sell avocados in season from Njombe region ,mbeya region and all around Tanzania highlands.

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our awesome services


Cultivating an avocado for your favorite recipe is a fascinating process. Commercial production starts typically after four years with annual yields of 60 to 200 avocados per tree. Avocados grow best in warm climates, with plenty of moisture and thoughtful care in family-owned groves.


Fruit handling is an important facet of putting the best quality avocados out on the market. When avocados are packed right, it ensures consistency for our buyers.


Whether destined for domestic grocery chains, wholesale club stores, food-service or foreign markets, our shippers are climate controlled throughout their journey to be certain we offer maximum freshness at the point of delivery.

Research Team

At Shikamoo Parachichi, our state-of-the-art facilities which are now under construction will include such technologies as pallet and bin pre-cooling, computerized sizers, and forced air ripening.

Smallholders Support

It is important to promote responsible farming methods of avocados and other crops. With the help of ShikamooParachichi, the smallholders also get an important sales channel and opportunity to export their products

Smallholders Support

The company has introduced high yielding and fast maturing avocado cultivars, Hass, through an out grower scheme to Njombe farmers- which are exported primarily to the European Union market..


To encourage farmers to grow their avocado and follow professional methods.
Continuing to expand avocado farming


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